Sunday, February 15, 2009

Garden Island Chocolate

A new product in the stand! Finally a quality 100% Kauai cacao chocolate product.
Check out Koa Kahili's site and see some great  photographs of cacao as well as some interesting chocolate facts

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susan said...

kool, locally grown cocao! anybody made real kauai chocolate yet? need to nug cindy about her blog, i miss hearing from her.
i really love it here but i miss the sound of the ocean so much...i find it hard to sleep at night, silence is deafening. mark couldnt stand the sound of the ocean...i miss the warm salty pacific and victoria and mikko but i love da UP. nothing like the north woods. it has been around zero in the morning and warming up to the 20s and with no wind and the sun out quite delightful. i have so many birds!!!! have about 10 assorted feeders and finally have figured out how to defeat the squirrels. in a couple months we will have more birds than we can handle, i will be filling the feeders twice a day at least. some hordes that come in on the migration are vorasious, the grackles are about the worse but so pretty and boistrous. oh well. hope all is well with you guys. tell cindy i said hi and i miss her! susan